Big Eddie

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devolver Avatar

He's so much hotter here where he doesn't show that frankenstein science experiment going on in his pants.

by devolver (7 months ago)
MuscleDave2007 Avatar

Just staring at his right arm .... and pecs.... makes me cummm !! Can't be too big !

by MuscleDave2007 (3 years ago)
xychromo Avatar

It's nice to see that this Cuban muscle-missile used to get the respect & admiration he deserves around here. So many kicked up a fuss about his stupendously pumped pingon that people started ignoring the stupendously iron-pumped body he has--one which very few 45-year-olds could close to matching. As studs go, Eddie's has always been in a class by himself.

by xychromo (3 years ago)
MattLuttig Avatar

He is the epitome of hyper-masculinity. A beautiful man with much artistic expression.

by MattLuttig (4 years ago)
glorious9er Avatar

Man what tempting pecs Great bouncing /wanna suck on 'em + his nips, too What incredible guns Don't normally go for tats but in this case they're FINE Beautiful beard, man What a total complete absolute ultimate HUNK !!!

by glorious9er (5 years ago)
Toneloc6 Avatar

Does he have a new channel on Youtube?

by Toneloc6 (5 years ago)
muzzles Avatar

new utube site "therippedmuscle " its fuckin gorgeous.and has some amazing stuff including SHOWER SCENE NO COCK OR ASS SHOTS UNFORTUNATELY.

by muzzles (5 years ago)

He closed his youtube account. Anyone know where we can find other examples of this guy?

by (5 years ago)

I have to admit he is HOT. Obviously tough as a brickhouse, when you see his face he's handsome as all get out. Hercules!!

by (6 years ago)
barronmissing Avatar

by barronmissing (6 years ago)