Muscle Eddie

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SHows off his meat...

nickthadick9 Avatar

What I wouldn't give to feed on that monster!!!!!

by nickthadick9 (4 months ago)

i think he gorgeous! hot! this black lady wants some of that! <3

by (6 months ago)
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i want

by (8 months ago)
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Sucked you all would give a lot to you, just looking'm all wet! huuuuuuummmmm

by (12 months ago)
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i want to cover him in oil and rub him all day and night. so hunky mmmmm

by (1 year ago)
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vdanker Avatar

Not just the deformed penis, but the tattoos, also. Why would any sane person do this to himself?

by vdanker (1 year ago)
Chereveur1 Avatar

he does work out with huge cloths fourjay ...and his cock is a bit attached to his body... i saw him naked once in the gym and it was scary how his cock hanged and slapped his two thighs while walking to the shower... really nice indeed.

by Chereveur1 (2 years ago)
xychromo Avatar

If you want to see what Eddie's massaging there, you can watch him pump & massage it some more by going here:
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by xychromo (3 years ago)
x2menla Avatar

LOVE every inch of this man!
Hottest man on earth!

by x2menla (3 years ago)
2beefy Avatar

its fake

by 2beefy (3 years ago)