Muscle Eddie

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This guy is stunning!

oh how I would love to graciously suck and also ride that delicious monster cock so eagerly *~wink wink ;)

by (1 week ago)
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kamandos Avatar

uniquely huge AND he can dance!

by kamandos (2 weeks ago)

can i fly you to florida? Skype: kylestylelevi

by (5 months ago)
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musclecrush Avatar

If I had a cock like that. I would have huge forearms just from jerking off!!

by musclecrush (7 months ago)
wimington819 Avatar

Eddie is huge body builder more way then one and just wonder does he know he has fan out here dream about him and love to get know him.

by wimington819 (2 years ago)
humongous Avatar

dear Xychromo thanks 4 your helpful information,but in my country i cant access,can you help me by upload it to this site(;) thx before

by humongous (2 years ago)
xychromo Avatar

If you want to see what's in Eddie's thong, you
you can watch him pump & massage it here:
Site is free, and if you register you can watch up to 5 videos a day & an unlimited number of pix. It's sizequeen heaven!

by xychromo (2 years ago)
Maturemsclbldr Avatar

Hey, allanrobtmiller, if you don't like Eddie and his style and persona, don't look at him and stay away from his vids - simple - you don't put restriction on him and we don't tell you to not return.

by Maturemsclbldr (2 years ago)
x2menla Avatar

he has to be THE hottest man! Love him huge he's so HOT! Gawwd! he's the best! wish he lived next door!

by x2menla (2 years ago)
allanrobtmiller Avatar

Note to Muscle Eddie: lay off the silicone implants; walk passed all tattoo parlors & above all else, put down the water bottle & focus on developing your legs/calves for the next year...damn, man your grotesquely top heavy...

by allanrobtmiller (2 years ago)