Massively Muscular Black Top Fucks Me.

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A massively muscular, Black, Top guy sent me a message on one the sites I have a profile, that read; I am going to fuck and breed your for days. I was definitely up for that, so went to check out his profile. Almost nothing was there, including no pictures, there was no way I would respond. I was checking out who was online when I got another message, You ready for me to fuck and breed you all night long? with three pictures. I couldn't send my name and phone number fast enough. A minute later my phone rang. Less than two hours later, I had rented and checked into a hotel room. Had showered, cleaned and prepare myself. Had porn playing on the TV and had laid out the party favors and supplies, placed several bottles of lube and poppers on each night stand, along with an assortment of different cock rings and pills. As I was setting a cooler full of waters, juices, Gatorade's and Red Bull's there was a knock on the room door. I answered wearing only the towel I had wrapped around me from after showering. As he came through the door he grabbed the towel pulled it off, picked me up, his huge, hard, muscular body, pushing me back against and pinning me to the hallway wall as he kick the door closed with a foot. He stared kissing me, instantly I could feel his passion, desire and lust coming from he. He was now in control of me and everything the night would bring. After several minutes kissing continued as he carried me into the room and while he glance from the corners of his eye around the room. Seeing the different items I had place on the desk, he chuckled, which sounded even funnier with out lips locked together. He pulled back the desk chair, then took a hold of my sides, pulled his lips off mine and told me he needed to set me down to get out of his clothes. Then he was going to sit down and wanted me to get between his legs and suck my cock with he prepared a few things. Which I glad did. Less than fifteen minutes, we had taken the different pills he had select. I sucked his cock rock hard and had precum leaking. And he had moved us to the bed, laying me on my back on the edge, with my legs pulled back towards my chest. As he stood right at my ass, he lubed up my ass and his cock, wiped his hands, then slammed first me than himself. A bomb went off inside me sending a shock wave of sheer lust through every cell in my body, most of it concentrate in my ass. Just as the through, I NEED COCK, flickered in my head, was granted as the head of the 11 inch steel hard super thick black cock pushed through my pucker, like wind blowing through the air. It continued slowly siding deeper and deeper. The stretching and filling of my hole felt so incredible I was just laying there, eyes closed my mouth open as if to scream, lost in complete ecstasy. I let out a moan of total lust as I felt his pubic hairs and balls pressing against my ass. My eyes popped open, locked onto his eyes, his face a foot above mine. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulled myself and said as I start kissing him, fuck me! Which he did, all night, then all day, then the next night, the next day and night. So consumed by it all, I didn't think about, keep count of, or care about how many hours he fucked me or how many times he fucked me or even how many loads he flooded my guts full of. Since then we have gotten together two or three times a year to play, always haveing as great of a time as our first.

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Video + story ????????

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