Fred Shaka

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Fred Shaka has a big bulge on stage

pecpunisher Avatar

I wonder what his dick feel like.

by pecpunisher (2 months ago)
oxstrongjugger Avatar

Welp...that certainly got me soaking wet. There is for sure an enormous amount of penis just nearly bursting out of those red posers.

by oxstrongjugger (2 months ago)
kaikai64 Avatar

blue one is on YouTube

by kaikai64 (2 months ago)
dllovemuscles Avatar

How do you know his cock is 32 cm?

by dllovemuscles (2 months ago)
MaleUrge Avatar

Theres another video of him in blue posers on YouTube could you upload it here as well? Id love to download it!

by MaleUrge (2 months ago)
66nanos Avatar

his cock is 32 cm

by 66nanos (2 months ago)
mjolesko Avatar

Yep! That suit looks full to bursting

by mjolesko (2 months ago)