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Nicely built guy poses and flexes nude for his cam

20eagles Avatar

Muscular Michelangelo personified!!!

by 20eagles (2 weeks ago)
famoustim Avatar

What a beautiful muscle man!

by famoustim (2 weeks ago)
mcgeemcgee Avatar

His cock is a little longer than usual from his other nude posings!

by mcgeemcgee (2 weeks ago)
winn2000 Avatar

Amazing improvement from his Pumpingmuscle days. He always had great proportion but he is much more sculpted looking now. I'll bet Peter would like to get his hands on this body now.

by winn2000 (2 weeks ago)
mayena Avatar

Logan Gutherie.

by mayena (2 weeks ago)
PornoStuff1 Avatar

Beautiful physique!

by PornoStuff1 (2 weeks ago)