Flex Lewis TBT

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Old Video of one of my most favorite IFBB Pros.

RC Avatar

Met Flex Lewis years ago when he guest posed at a local contest. Bought one of his photos. He let me feel his flexed biceps.

by RC (1 week ago)
jp9inch Avatar

????????????????Nice ASS !

by jp9inch (3 weeks ago)
gremlin8 Avatar

I like Flex Lewis a lot when he is off season, but this leaves me cold.

by gremlin8 (3 weeks ago)
tinkmmv Avatar

absolutely delish ... great clip of Flex from years gone by. thanks.

by tinkmmv (3 weeks ago)
albatross0183 Avatar

Same! Love him in this video. Those quads. YUM! Those calves. YUM! The package. YUM!

by albatross0183 (3 weeks ago)