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  • chefjj

    3 months ago

    Is this on his fan only page , where can we find more

  • Dirty Mind

    3 months ago

    Disgusting! Adam told me he would never do this.... yet he does it with a white man when I've been communicating with Adam for years... and he's confided in me about some very private things right before we lost contact. But I'm too dark and black and my money aint green enough huh? Adam is a narcissist and I see why his ex Vivienne left him because he is empty and has nothing to offer. I'm about to message her this video right now and ruin him.


    1 Month ago

    Their all empty minded narcissist, but we still love them, lol.


    2 weeks ago

    What an effin troll! Get outta here!

  • crushme99

    3 months ago

    Excellent hands-on worship with a favorite of mine. I've been a major fan of Adam for a long time. I doubt this video is all that recent, however; to my eye he looks a good deal older in his current Instagram photos. Really nice work here.

  • BberVsBber

    3 months ago

    This is the FIRST video of Adam C., that didnt even make me hard! WTF?!? Muscle should only be with either very athletic or other muscle. Complete turnoff seeing some out of shape meatsack with muscle.

  • youtamn

    3 months ago

    Don't you think that his eyes look different than few years ago in old videos? Any ideas what happened? Contact lenses, botox, mascara or is it just me?

  • mrkmuscle

    3 months ago

    Finally I wouldn't make it 2 minutes

  • dingus18

    3 months ago

    That is such a nice muscle ass!

  • winn2000

    3 months ago

    Nice to know that Adam is doing worship now. I would stand in line for that privilege.