Zeb Atlas Strips Out of Work Clothes

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Huge, handsome Zeb Atlas in his MGM Grand Sky loft. Watch Zeb as he gets comfortable and strips out of his work clothes after a long day's work.

exersizr Avatar

OMG, I LOVE seeing him in that suit! I would NOT be able to keep myself from leaking in my own suit if he got on the elevator with me. I'm only 5'9" 210... he's a massive 6'3" and H U G E ! Yeah, would not mind getting naked with him and feeling him, but his massive body and handsome looks in a public setting would send me over the edge!

by exersizr (4 years ago)
muscledudemail Avatar

yeah, cant believe how huge he looks in that suit!!!!! that back!!!!

by muscledudemail (5 years ago)
ohyeabro Avatar

oh yea!

by ohyeabro (6 years ago)
LordDragon Avatar

Zeb you are wonderful

by LordDragon (7 years ago)
ayakitayama Avatar

looking HUGE in his suit!

by ayakitayama (7 years ago)
robk6 Avatar

A hot hunk! ....but what a tease! LOL

by robk6 (7 years ago)
hotbrown Avatar

nice ;-)

by hotbrown (7 years ago)
dryden0099 Avatar

zeb looks even better in a suit than naked, if that's possible.

by dryden0099 (7 years ago)