Bodybuilder flexing glutes

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  • nypup2train

    4 years ago

    That is a quick shot of Dennis Wolf at the very end of the video, but there's no way this guy we're seeing from behind is Dennis Wolf. He's got dark hair & he's totally the wrong shape. I don't think the two clips have anything to do with each other, the Wolf shot seems like it was just accidentally tacked on.

  • schs1977

    6 years ago

    Would love to tap that ass

  • glorious9er

    9 years ago

    Dennis Wolf ( we see him for a sec at end)

  • glorious9er

    9 years ago

    Who is He?

  • 11 years ago

    DO HE MASTURBATE AND EJACULATE SEMEN??????????????????????????

  • thankyouagain

    11 years ago

    look at the breadth & power of that back!
    wud love to sniff & kiss that fine butt

  • jpatron98

    11 years ago

    Squeeze my cock between those glutes!

  • boogy4

    12 years ago

    luv those glutes!