Adrian Kovats Strains Hard & Shows Off #3

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  • newrobbie

    3 weeks ago

    one of my personal faves

  • stephano

    1 Month ago

    Adrian ruled the close up 'flexing for buds' type of vid. While not as classic as his blue shirt session, this is an orgasmic delight from the start, with that big bicep, and its perfect vein, stretching the t-shirt sleeve. His 'average dude' looks, reminiscent of a motocross kid who hit the weights over the winter, makes him hotter yet. Major flashback to college roommate fantasies here, and when he finally peels off the shirt to show meaty pecs and huge pepperoni nipples, I’m gushing too.


    3 weeks ago

    you describe exactly what this guy makes me feel. makes me think of every beefy and huge "average" guy in daily life and how hot they look wearing their tight tshirts

  • muscleman3

    7 months ago

    I came so hard I could almost hear it gushing out.......he's beautiful.....bicep peaks incredible....

  • Luvnatem

    1 Year ago

    Guess I’m jerking off again today …

  • michael_b88

    1 Year ago

    Yes, fuck!

  • tshirtandmuscles

    2 years ago

    omg he's the same dude as the amazing blue t-shirt flexer? Man, he's amazing. I love that he knows how good he looks in a regular old t-shirt. I'd pay to watch just that.

  • keuncle

    2 years ago

    Love muscle guys with long hair - he's impressive, perhaps a bit over-roided.

  • niubilitydiu

    2 years ago

    nice pecs