Scott Gunz - with Gauge

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  • Anonymous

    7 years ago

    Beautiful, masculine men with gorgeous physiques.

  • Anonymous

    7 years ago

    Scott is the REAL deal--and effortlessly so--a total stud who radiates a virility just as potent as the pheromes wafting from his pits. In sharp contrast, poor Gauge tries sooo hard at being a tuff-guy that he comes off like an undercover phague--ironically so, because he's probably just as str8 as Scott--but (for some reason) seems a lot less sure about it.

  • maph85

    10 years ago

    fella on the left is way sexier fuck i want him riding the arse off me

  • madman5150

    11 years ago

    Love the guys, hate the tatts!

  • muzzles

    11 years ago

    gauge wins by a mile a hot sexy man...!!

  • nunzious

    11 years ago

    thx for posting - cant get enough of HOT musclestud Scott Gunz !