Biceps FLEX Compilation #4

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  • Cum4muscle

    12 months ago

    Being a bodybuilder who loves muscle worship I’d love to see a clip of a huge or ripped muscle boy flexing his biceps as another muscle boy with a huge boner squirts hot Cum all over those biceps. Then they take turns licking it off for that muscle building protein!!! I’ve done that and it’s so hot!!!

  • trentjones

    1 Year ago

    You don't seem to be running out of great biceps to share. 0:14 a classic beauty, 0:28 Marcel looking huge, 1:10 the great Matt Mendenhall, 1:55 should not be allowed to flex while driving as other drivers will crash, and 1:58 just incredible.

  • varytrt

    1 Year ago

    does anyone know who the guy at 00:14 is?

  • richmymuscle

    1 Year ago

    I get hard watching your vis of biceps flexing. Not just any biceps, but big ones like the ones you showcase.

    What makes me shoot with no hands is a big muscle guy showing off his biceps and another guy feeling the, or kissing them or otherwise submitting to the biceps flexer

  • newrobbie

    1 Year ago

    1:43 damn look @ those biceps: that peak! hell, bicep porn