Dreamy Blond Titan of the '90s

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  • Interceptorchamp1

    10 months ago

    I appreciate the background information which you add to the video.
    Thanks a lot.

  • elrockfeller565

    12 months ago

    Que hombre tan más guapisimo y cincelado por los mismos dioses. Ese rostro es hipnótico y la perfección de sus músculos es espectacular. Me vuelvo loco viendo su entrevista y ver las tomas de su monumental cuerpo

  • nrftw

    1 Year ago

    I love youve taken the time to write such an awesome intro which is as hot as the video itself! Totally agree about the wonderful contrast between his massive strong body and clean-cut handsome face / polite persona. My fave shots are when hes talking, showing his enormous neck muscles exploding out of his oh-so-90s muscle shirt and how those cute little white straps are pushed down towards his deltoids by his massive traps is kinky as hell to me. Great post of a stunning muscleman, thanks!