Lucas Lakutsin, 6'10" 300+ lb Russian Bodybuilder, fucks

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  • Beasty81

    3 months ago

    The cupping marks look ridiculous

  • Toñolom

    8 months ago

    No le chupa su vulva

  • greatla

    9 months ago

    He’s clearly not into her. Dick barely hard

  • HerrDoom

    10 months ago

    She is focused on in 99% of this...

  • helio23

    1 Year ago

    Fake. He enters her puss without eating or fingering cunt? Plus we’re all stroking the side of his body but yet we don’t really see it? This is bullshit. I don’t think this is really Lucas anyway. The real one is eight foot and much more roided. This guy is Klle merely muscled and about six foot


    1 Year ago

    According to his IG, he's 6'10" tall:


    10 months ago

    It is him.. Not very current, as he has a lot of tattoos now and is bigger than this (more muscle). If you look at his earlier photos on IG, it is clearly him, also has the same earring.

  • bork2

    1 Year ago

    She looks like Kimberly Guilfoyle only thinner.

  • PornoStuff1

    1 Year ago

    That was hot, but, I really wish that he'd made her cum via cunnilingus...or anything.


    1 Year ago

    Agreed. He's massive and delicious, but how you gonna get into that pussy without eating it out first? That's like ramming boipussy without eating the booty out first. Very selfish. Make your bottoms / ladies cum too


    1 Year ago

    Word. She’s clearly wet just by looking st the size of this beautiful roid pig (as we all are) but would love f he gave her a clit orgasm with his wet tongue. Guess he just wants to nut and only cares about his orgasm, which is right as he’s the beautiful one here