Lou Ferrigno

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Hercules.. looking hot

buildingmmm Avatar

so few images - so much powerrrr.
lou Ferigno was a real god.

by buildingmmm (8 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

I was waiting for the cum to spurt over his chest as if he had been wanking without using his hands!!!

by gappythree (8 years ago)
jizasu Avatar

I used to have a crush on this guy... Big time! LOL Never saw that movie though lol

by jizasu (8 years ago)
squashed05 Avatar

i agree, lou is hotter than arnold, much hotter

by squashed05 (8 years ago)
devolver Avatar

Always thought Lou was way hotter than Arnold.

by devolver (8 years ago)
dryden0099 Avatar

This is a good clip but I've seen this movie and it's really really bad. Good clip though.

by dryden0099 (8 years ago)
libramage12 Avatar

love those perfect pecs

by libramage12 (8 years ago)