Biceps FLEX Compilation #16

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  • Musclejacker

    3 months ago

    Pre-tattoo disaster Lee Priest, please. Plus Gunnar Røsbø and eternal erection Tim Belknap. Robert Mello and Marc Troilo too. Pec god Art Atwood plus the big-nippled men like Blair Mone, Axel Alvarez and Raciel Castro. Get me hard and cumming in no time.

  • MaximBig

    3 months ago

    Super mens

  • tinkmmv

    3 months ago

    I'm loving your biceps flex compilations.
    They provide a nice solution to the morning wood,
    a "solution" I have to aim away from my screen and keyboard :)

    So many hot young musclestuds here, with the occasional super
    beef monster like Krizo to keep one alert! Love it,

    Might I request more of this idea: sweet buff musclebois interspersed with
    the true gods of the biceps like Walker, Priest, Winklaar and Krizo.

    Thanks for the "hard" work.


    3 months ago

    Thanks dude for your feedback ^^
    Happy to help with your morning wood :)))
    I will try to keep your request in mind for next time ;-)