Ryan .........

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What a DUDE, I would just love to offer him a helping hand !

by (4 years ago)
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muzzles Avatar

fantastic ,what a face,what a cock , and I notice he has a packet of surf standing by to wash the singlet ready for the next round:)I would throw my legs in the air to have that sexy marine on top of me.

by muzzles (5 years ago)
muzzles Avatar

gorgeous a real find indeed handsome sexy horny and a nice cock a mans dream!!

by muzzles (6 years ago)
Caldonia Avatar

One of his shorter vids but just as intense as the other longer jo. If every orgasm is like those posted here .... well ...

by Caldonia (7 years ago)
Ralph676 Avatar

Im in Heaven

by Ralph676 (7 years ago)
johng3 Avatar

Hey bud~ nice find, hows tricks? :)

by johng3 (7 years ago)
boyd3 Avatar

who is the awesome dude? does he have a website?

by boyd3 (7 years ago)