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Blake Munroe talks about his bodybuilding. An impressive physique

rickscoat Avatar

I love that hot ass and cock stuffed into that tiny thong.

by rickscoat (7 years ago)
RobRossiFan Avatar

this ass in thong make me crazy voyerist
want to peep him walking or doing chores or working out and jerk off watching that ass!!!
then come closer and cum on his buttocks

by RobRossiFan (8 years ago)
muzzles Avatar

all time hotty, cant find him on UTUBE or Google, where else are there vids featuring this man.

by muzzles (8 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

That arse shots were wonderful. Didnt you just want to bury your face in it and never come up for air??

by gappythree (8 years ago)
homeryellsdoh Avatar

Woah...that ass! Glad he was so generous in showing it off in that thong...more please :)

by homeryellsdoh (8 years ago)
realmuscle17 Avatar

his ass looks great in this video, saw other pics on the net of it and it looks 100% different.. odd

by realmuscle17 (8 years ago)
shamir15 Avatar

His real name is Chris Kimber

by shamir15 (8 years ago)
GlobeHunter Avatar

His massive Ass alone reveals sheer power and incredible male muscular beauty.

by GlobeHunter (8 years ago)
gremlin8 Avatar

That's the name given on the Jimmy Z site. His real name may well be different.

by gremlin8 (8 years ago)
johntlewis Avatar

Impressive physique. But I can't find anything on internet on him. Sure that's his name?

by johntlewis (8 years ago)