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  • muscleman63

    5 years ago

    Made my big cock hard and shoot a big load. Gorgeous muscle

  • MuscleDave2007

    6 years ago

    Who wouldn't squirt watching this video? Would love to annoint those guns!

  • musclecrush

    7 years ago

    No bat could knock those baseball biceps out of the ballpark!!!! YUMMY!!!!

  • smoker954

    9 years ago

    as a total bicep worshiper, i give him 3 squirts

  • TonyMaxim

    10 years ago

    Made me shoot!

  • mystery7

    10 years ago

    Does anyone know if this man still does web cams?

  • lancelot19690

    11 years ago

    im admiral your body
    im powerliter

  • indigeni

    11 years ago

    I suspect his bicepts were injected with synthol

  • 11 years ago

    scary teeth, but a great bod.

  • Erekito

    12 years ago

    Who is this guy?