Bodybuilder 1

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Bodybuilder 1

mjolesko Avatar

Naw. Not creepy at all. Just an awestruck reaction from a different era.. people were not as quick as we are to dismiss and label things derogatorily

by mjolesko (1 year ago)

Charles had a dad bod. Nothing like today's bodybuilders.

by (2 years ago)
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bacchusmbt Avatar

the bodybuilder is hot. the old guy feeling him up is creeeeeeepy....

by bacchusmbt (7 years ago)
swimgym Avatar

Yes, of course, it's Charles Atlas. This is from a old "Biography" show. There was also a clip within this segment where he ripped a phone book in half. Yet, upon closer inspection, a helpful "pre-cut" was evident.
Do love the eye-popping of meek little "worshippers."

by swimgym (7 years ago)
jbfisher Avatar

Great Clip - given the maturity of the muscleman and the age of the video, I think that's legendary bodybuilder Charles Atlas.

by jbfisher (7 years ago)
gremlin8 Avatar

I'd call that short, sweet and utterly brilliant !

by gremlin8 (7 years ago)