Scott Klein Gets Physical

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BB Scott Klein Takes A Hostage.

What a terrible loss of a super beautiful man in his prime!!!!

by (2 years ago)
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n2hotmen Avatar

I have seen the same two vid clips posted on several sites...but what the fuk is the story, the whole video is never posted. What 's up with that crap? Post the whole thing plz...

by n2hotmen (7 years ago)
bbwannab Avatar

WOW. So does Scott make the cop his bitch?

by bbwannab (7 years ago)
unicentre Avatar

from a video called swat in training.

by unicentre (7 years ago)
devolver Avatar

Holy crap, give us the rest!!!

by devolver (7 years ago)
monkee Avatar

more of this would be nice

by monkee (7 years ago)
bb_zilla Avatar

Sorry MuscleDave but I don't think Scott ever made it over the fantasy line.

by bb_zilla (7 years ago)
gremlin8 Avatar

Brought to the ground, carried off into the woods and tied to a tree by Scott Klein. This is quite a fantasy !

by gremlin8 (7 years ago)
bigjeff Avatar

I miss Scott Klein. He died way too young. RIP

by bigjeff (7 years ago)
MuscleDave2007 Avatar

HOLY SHIT! What happens next????

by MuscleDave2007 (7 years ago)