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latino bodybuilder posing his big biceps

agathon Avatar

He is a good guy for muscle worship (in-person) and has always been very nice to me. I realize his synthol use (traps and upper arms [bis and tris]) may seem out-of-control to some people, but he has actually been balancing his physique out over the past couple of years. Even if he is still a bit out-of-proportion, I find him so sexy. He is one of my favorites!

by agathon (2 years ago)
nevertoobig Avatar

This is how he looked a couple of years ago, with all the synthol.

by nevertoobig (7 years ago)
whywhy88 Avatar

But what's under the towel?

by whywhy88 (7 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

Whether its the angle of the "filming" or not but to me his R bi looks bigger than the L bi???????

by gappythree (7 years ago)
jblack_37 Avatar

Where did you get this? Is there any chance of some more?

by jblack_37 (7 years ago)
mjolesko Avatar

OK, they big. But what about his lower body? Chicken legs and thighs?

by mjolesko (7 years ago)
paintermen Avatar

I would prefer to see what is under his tower that those fake biceps...

by paintermen (7 years ago)
MuscleDave2007 Avatar

OK ... even though their BIG ... maybe they're fake......but the PITS AREN'T!! Dinner is served!

by MuscleDave2007 (7 years ago)
nevertoobig Avatar

I just love his huge, oil pumped biceps!
(Quite literally, it's ADE or synthol guys)
But I still love it! Hope he makes them bigger!

by nevertoobig (7 years ago)
AlexShor Avatar

i'd do him so bad!

by AlexShor (7 years ago)