muscle bulge

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  • Nudebeachcockwatcher

    1 Year ago

    Always show off your cock bulge

  • italianrugby

    9 years ago

    stunning guy so hot

  • shelgr3

    13 years ago

    This vid used to be on youtube. There was an even better one of the same guy in blue shorts with nothing on underneath. In that one. he was dancing & his huge monster was flopping around like crazy. That was in the early days of youtube, before it got religion. The original vids came from a site called No faces -- get it?

  • scott40-2010

    13 years ago

    This boxer design has been around for almost 2 decades in catalogs for men only. They are designed to flaunt masculinity especially for those men fill them with nice glutes & very nice legs!! enjoy!

  • gappythree

    13 years ago

    "Weird Boxers" those are proper running short before lycra/spandex took over. I ws waiting for some "fallout"!!!

  • bulgo

    13 years ago

    Is there more to this? I want more.

  • juices

    13 years ago

    those are some wierd boxers :S

  • ponchohot

    13 years ago

    nice piece of meat