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I totally AGREE ! as I keep looking at his nipples makes me so hungry. Why not make another actual nipple sucking video of him. there are only 3 man big nipples on the gay porn. ALAIN LAMAS, PATRICK DUNNE and him of course , what do you think? any thoughts and also im looking for gay nipple video sites, any recommendation?

by (4 years ago)
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yann51 Avatar

Never mind what country or continent he's from: he the greatest! I long for giving him a massage and suck his enormous nips! …or more… He lives in Belgium (2013f.) and he is Mr.-Leather Belgium 2013.
Never mind again! He has the most tantalizing nipples all over the world!

by yann51 (4 years ago)
myakutaku Avatar

Damn, can anyone pls share a full video?

by myakutaku (4 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

Wow bowl;ed over by those wonderful nips!

by gappythree (7 years ago)