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Thamyris Avatar

They're actually really tender, like a couple. Romantic and sexy, no bad combination. Both men look so damn hot ♥

by Thamyris (6 years ago)
johnl Avatar

Gauge may win the prize for muscle bulk, but I think the slender fellow has the prize for size of appendage.

by johnl (6 years ago)
thankyouagain Avatar

The smaller man is besotted with Gauge's body
and muscles. He cannot stop feedling on them
especially Gauge's huge pecs. When he takes
off Gauge's briefs, he is delirious with lust
licking Gauge's oversized balls. He is literally
feeding on Gauge's endless muscles.

by thankyouagain (7 years ago)
Musclebitch40 Avatar

I wanna be in the middle of those guys and rub them off! too hot video!

by Musclebitch40 (7 years ago)