Ronny Rockel 2010 Arnold Classic Workout and Flex

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the fabulous rocket rockel

german_admirer Avatar

Krasse Schultern.

by german_admirer (3 years ago)
mayortom Avatar

Te lleno toda esa espalda de leche...

by mayortom (5 years ago)
gremlin8 Avatar

I could just bury my face in that big German ass. He is so male. Such a fucking fantasy!

by gremlin8 (6 years ago)
muscledudemail Avatar

he is unbelievable..... those delts n arms, those traps, those pecs!!!! and the combination of that sexy roid gut and that hube muscle ass.... damn i go crazy!!!!!!

by muscledudemail (9 years ago)
dancer34 Avatar

It must hurt to flex so much!

by dancer34 (9 years ago)
jamieh1974 Avatar

don't forget his ass!

by jamieh1974 (9 years ago)
revli55 Avatar

Ronny got two things I like.....big muscle tits and huge arms. I would love to suck his tits through that tight shirt!

by revli55 (9 years ago)