Rocky Armano onstage

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Another ass-from-the-past, one almost as choice as Vinnie Marino's, belonged to Rocky Armano--and he, too, did a strip number in that same video. (The Rambo imagery vies with the soundtrack in the 'period' department.) Rocky was so proud of his tush that he proclaimed it "the best in the world" to fellow-soldiers Mike Henson & Jeff Quinn in 'Hot Rods: The Young and Hung 2'--and we all know what that bit of boasting led to.

does anyone know what happen to him, rocky aramo

by (3 years ago)
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JakeJock Avatar

Thanks for posting this. Although it is kind of cheesy, it is one of the only clips I have ever seen except for the amazing sequence of him in HOT RODS. And he perhaps did have the best ass in the world.

by JakeJock (6 years ago)
msavitt Avatar

not bad, but Vinnie was much hotter

by msavitt (6 years ago)