HANS HOFFMANN in German Heavywight Finals Part 1

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Hans Hoffmann on stage at 2011 European Hvywt. Finals

gappythree Avatar

Sorry Hans I preferred number 80. F***ing gorgeous

by gappythree (9 years ago)
freakmusclexxl Avatar

The left one is Markus Hoppe. He has won super heavy weight.

by freakmusclexxl (9 years ago)
tinkmmv Avatar

They're all pretty farkin hot!
Hans Hoffmann is Steve Benthin's pseudo ove at musclehunks. Hung like a horse.

by tinkmmv (9 years ago)
mjolesko Avatar

Now me, I got a crush on that monster on the left end in the pink posers. Muscle ass for days!

by mjolesko (9 years ago)