Bruce Patterson & Scott 4 (Arm Wrestling)

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  • BberVsBber

    1 Year ago

    LOL....there is no one one here that could take Bruce, in his prime, in an armwrestling match. Years ago I had the honour, no privilege, of seeing him lift in a gym. This guy was lifting heavier than bigger Bbrs and powerlifters.

  • benoitmax

    2 years ago

    I’ll armwrestle him anytime and make him sweat easy!!

  • lameduck68

    10 years ago

    Could you post clips of Bruce lifting and carrying guys? Thanks!

  • harold93

    10 years ago

    Bruce is a such a gentle giant! Hope we could have more of him...

  • luvmuscl

    10 years ago

    Bruce is so big and strong, it's chilling to think what he could really do to this kid.