Frederic Sauvage

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  • Btraven

    2 years ago

    What a beautiful, handsome hunk of a man! At 18:36 when he does a double bicep, and looks at me with those beautiful eyes, I belong to him! I long to be in his powerful arms!

  • SteadfastXXL

    4 years ago

    SUper hot. I am sure, we will have some fun together.

  • sean2403

    8 years ago

    how can i download this video?

  • txliftr

    11 years ago

  • gappythree

    11 years ago

    Frederic Sauvage always a good eyewank. This has been around for a long time I wish there were more clips of this gorgeous man!!!

  • capemuscle

    11 years ago

    VERY SEXY INDEED - the chest - shoulders, the sweat ! Ans SO handsome as well.

  • lili

    11 years ago

    thanks for the video!make me feel relaxed!he´s soo smart and sexy.OMG

  • wjlepetomane

    11 years ago

    Frederic Sauvage