Ronnie Coleman Pecs

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  • Sonoma949

    8 years ago

    I came when the camera zoomed in on his huge pecs. Ronnie's massive physique really turns me on.

  • Anon0905

    9 years ago

    Love those huge pecs and nips.

  • luvmuscl

    9 years ago

    How big were his arms then? 24 inches? DAMN.

  • jaycutlerf

    9 years ago

    Damn I want to fuck him so bad.

  • muscledudemail

    9 years ago

    holy shit, how can he be real!

  • shirtripper

    9 years ago

    love how he ripped the shirt, only seen ronnie do that once before. anyone know of any other clips where he does that?

  • mjolesko

    9 years ago

    oh, yes! and he got big nips made for nursing!

  • revli55

    9 years ago

    Man what I would give to suck his tits.