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Three muscle guys from an old site work it on webcam

mayena Avatar

Mike Pelzer from the website MuscleCamStuds.

by mayena (6 years ago)
man4muscles27 Avatar

OMG id take them all!!

by man4muscles27 (6 years ago)
muscledudemail Avatar

OMFG, the blond one is identical to argentine football player Leonel Messi!!!!!! Google him!

by muscledudemail (6 years ago)
dragons07 Avatar

Its like watching Jersey Shores... or a train wreack,

by dragons07 (6 years ago)
msavitt Avatar

the blond guy is my idea of a Happy Meal

by msavitt (6 years ago)
luvmuscl Avatar

Mike, aka MulattoMaster, in the blue shirt, is the best looking man alive. I miss his site.

by luvmuscl (6 years ago)