Outstanding Fouad Abiad

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That's what i call a WORKOUT Sweat,Tear,Pain.. don't think. just do. he's a huge inspiration! and of course... He's so hot with That beard !! Perfection !

josetp Avatar

wow, he is amazing!

by josetp (6 years ago)
devolver Avatar

Pretty crazy workout, but really disappointing he didn't lose the baggy shirt and pants at some point. Or at the very least just the shirt.

by devolver (6 years ago)
trevornash Avatar

FUCK !! THAT's a serious workout !! for sure, he doesn't want to look like a chippendale ;) Amazing !

by trevornash (6 years ago)
silveira Avatar

OMG!! That's an amazing legs workout !!! Incredible !!! Wow

by silveira (6 years ago)
dragons07 Avatar

Holy Crap!! amazing leg press workout

by dragons07 (6 years ago)