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From the Best Male Exotic Dancer 1999 contest - Contestant 2 Wally


by (2 years ago)
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paokgio Avatar

vote for the best muscle man

the voters must vote to each group for the best muscle vote per group
in every group there are 10 models and the best 5 models from each group will qualify to round 2
please vote to all the groups
thanks for your help

by paokgio (6 years ago)
smoothhoney Avatar

I must admit, I agree but thought I'd share it as I'm sure there's someone out there that will enjoy it - each to their own after all!

by smoothhoney (6 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

I agree with everyone so far. Far too Fem. Too much "Crotch Thrusting" plus the fact..... IT AINT DANCING.....

by gappythree (6 years ago)
mmafan27 Avatar

Its NEVER sexy to see a man moving around like a female, having any dancy music, or flamboyant costumes ESPECIALLY if he's built. If you're into men, you like the masculinity of a man, its always a sad thing to see it ruined. If I wanted to see something feminine I'd look at women, not a man trying to emulate one.

by mmafan27 (6 years ago)
25fitguy Avatar


by 25fitguy (6 years ago)
bigtallmuscle Avatar

WAYYYYY to feminine. I feel like I'm watching the Victoria Secret "Angels" panty and bra show.

by bigtallmuscle (6 years ago)