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Antoine Vaillant showing off his incredible pecs and NIPS!!

mim Avatar

Really hot. What hapened to Antoine? Haven't seen anything from him in the past time. Any news?

by mim (1 year ago)
glorious9er Avatar

Get rid of those (admittedly nice camo) pants Most suckable nips in the biz

by glorious9er (6 years ago)
muscledudemail Avatar

wow, now just check how much he has grown by 2012!!!

by muscledudemail (6 years ago)
luvmuscl Avatar

Notice his beautiful naval. Looks like a third eye, only it's REALLY sexy.

by luvmuscl (7 years ago)
leanmuscle Avatar

He's the coolest of the all. Thanks for the vid, hadn't seen it yet

by leanmuscle (7 years ago)
ohyeabro Avatar

girl or no girl; want to suck those nips

by ohyeabro (7 years ago)
tonedom1 Avatar

He's got this girl in Canada. Whatever. He loves her. I just want him to win a bodybuilding championship again.

by tonedom1 (7 years ago)
johntlewis Avatar

deadfulscream...I read about his piercing on another site but there seemed to be arguments on both sides as to whether he did or not.

by johntlewis (7 years ago)
tim120 Avatar

DITTO (on the sucking)

by tim120 (7 years ago)
deadfulscream Avatar

He used to have them pierced and that's why they look like that. I would love to suck on them.

by deadfulscream (7 years ago)