Von Legend Hammock

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Here's another brand new never before seen video on Von Legend. He NEVER disappoints!

nipman2 Avatar

Fuck, he's hot!

by nipman2 (2 years ago)
schs1977 Avatar

Dude blows his load like a cannon.

by schs1977 (4 years ago)
crzy4p3x Avatar

No histrionics - just seething, understated, raw sensuality - rare and beautiful - but who made him shave? I want the hair back!

by crzy4p3x (6 years ago)
emicollins Avatar

Hes just so gentle, so handsome. And that cock, OMG, what a load shooter. he should really be in archery or something, he haves good aim.

by emicollins (6 years ago)
mayda Avatar

his surplus cum was driping he seems very enjoy

by mayda (6 years ago)
shamir15 Avatar

Is it just me or at about 8:22 of the video his dick drips a little left over cum?

by shamir15 (6 years ago)
ohyeabro Avatar

love to drink all that up

by ohyeabro (6 years ago)
arabstrap Avatar

what a gift to have such an amazing man share his penis with the us. and what big beautiful squirt he made!

by arabstrap (6 years ago)
mcgeemcgee Avatar

Von Legend shows the beauty in ejaculation by his cumshot, not just something sexual and that big body; there should be a law against a goodlooking stud like that making me fall in love with him just by looking at him and realizing that I will never have him!

by mcgeemcgee (6 years ago)
Pexlover Avatar

He cums like a stud and is breathtaking.

by Pexlover (6 years ago)