Horvath Posing Practice

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  • mim

    3 years ago

    Hot underwear. Love his huge bulge :-)

  • purpletc

    8 years ago

    Beautiful man!!

  • crzy4p3x

    8 years ago

    Beautiful chest - but his pecs barely ever move - don't think he ever flexes them very hard.

  • a1locjaw

    9 years ago

    jesuschrist!!! Massive!!!! Outstanding!.. and all posing straps should look like this jock!

  • gappythree

    9 years ago

    The music "Time to Say Goodbye" all I want from Mr Havlik is to say a BIG HELLO!!!!!! He is the perfect "INnstant Hard-on" material and would have made a great ballet dancer.

  • glorious9er

    9 years ago

    Very powerful yet very graceful !! I of course need to see a "flexed" cock to match the flexing musculature Why hide any manliness at all? Divine