Muscle worship: Master and slave

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A muscle worship fantasy where a strong leather clad muscle god frees a bound and nude young muscle pup from his cell and only unbounds the young prisoner on the condition that he oil up and worship the leather muscle god.

gremlin8 Avatar

very unconvincing

by gremlin8 (3 years ago)
jason9090 Avatar

boooorrring!!! what a lame lame lame vid

by jason9090 (6 years ago)
harp2007 Avatar

would love to see allot more of this

by harp2007 (6 years ago)
jonesy732 Avatar

Please post the next part for fantastic torso worship and a 'turning the tables' surprise.

by jonesy732 (6 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

Very artistic and poetic but not enough "Rough & Tumble". I like my tops to be DOMINANT & MASTERFUL this one was too passive for words although he had a really great arse. A prime rimmer.

by gappythree (6 years ago)