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  • Celtique

    9 months ago



    8 months ago


  • ilovemuscles2

    10 months ago

    If this is the sandman, he can come into my dreams and bedroom ANYTIME!!

  • Isaque27hp

    11 months ago

    Eu quero mamãe esses mamilos sem parar e chupa-los com vontade seria uma ronrra se deitar com esse cara quero adorar esses peitorais

  • Kayakman1986

    1 Year ago

    I did this to Jonny...the guy who taught me to box...he had the best pecs and big manly nipples...and loved having his body worshipped

  • nipman250251

    3 years ago

    Worship worthy pecs and nipples!

  • jpatron98

    5 years ago

    That's not all i'd suck !

  • jpatron98

    5 years ago

    I'm so hard and horny watching this. I always fantasized about fucking Marco !

  • danny

    7 years ago

    Marco Rossi had a fabulous body crowned by big pecs and succulent nipples that, in his porn days, he wouldn't allow to be sucked. THEN he started bodybuilding and became a gross over-developed person. The nipple sucking is what Rossi refers to as 'chest.'

  • Peter

    7 years ago

    The muscleman had a fairly long career in gay porn and was also a gay "escort." He refers to his nipples as his 'chest.' The nipple sucker is talented and knows that mere sucking nipples is not enough, chewing and biting is what's needed. The nipple sucker has a f-i-n-e ass.

  • Anonymous

    7 years ago

    what good is it if you cant watch it