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  • sleven

    8 years ago

    Great piece. Remember it used amazingly well in the movie Excalibur. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3cXcS49D64
    And nice pieces, TallSteve.

  • yortamn

    9 years ago

    @gappythree: We can dream, can't we?
    @tallsteve4321: Thx for this hardon material!

  • gappythree

    9 years ago

    sorry tallsteve all these men seem to have been "Touched" by the Morph Machine. They are ALL A little too good to be true.

  • glorious9er

    9 years ago

    Now do one showing man's best: cock , pls !

  • Rufino-top

    9 years ago

    Great, more of this pls.

  • titanium

    9 years ago

    fantastic. please do more of this.