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Osama Ashour - pre the Arnold 2012

gremlin8 Avatar

Its the music as well as the physique. There is an intensity to this that is very sexual. I really like this clip.

by gremlin8 (3 years ago)

Oh FUCK!!! I watched this twice and I shall watch it many times again. At 00:48 when the coaches hands hold him under those massive pecs I exploded. Later as LtGort reminded us at 1:29 that side chest was phenominal and then 03:35 the double bicep was awe inspiring. If he looks like this in almost B&W what will he look like when he is tanned up and lightly oiled, MAGNIFICENT?

by (4 years ago)
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jimmyhankjr2 Avatar

Top me or bottom for me. I'm yours.

by jimmyhankjr2 (5 years ago)
LtGort Avatar

That was seriously one of the hottest videos I've seen in a long time. When he pushes out that side chest, his pecs push up against his chin... Fuck that's hot!

by LtGort (6 years ago)
josephkitty Avatar

there is a very developed hidden gay world in the islamic countries....this guy sucks the BB's dick sexxxy

by josephkitty (6 years ago)
bibearfan Avatar

I am SO developing a white socks fetish!

by bibearfan (6 years ago)
glorious9er Avatar

Fantastic symmetry !!

by glorious9er (6 years ago)
latinmarco Avatar


by latinmarco (6 years ago)
dragons07 Avatar

muscles are just one part, but his looks is cute

by dragons07 (6 years ago)
azstar Avatar

This guy is so friggin hot I can't contain myself...literally. I think he's only 20!

by azstar (6 years ago)