Black Bodybuilder Muscle Worship

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A huge black bodybuilder flexes and poses in a muscle worship session. The huge stud oils and rubs his admirer's hands all over his hard muscles. Apparently his name is Darell Terrell.

jmoore919 Avatar

I exploded everywhere

by jmoore919 (4 years ago)
muscleman63 Avatar

boner material

by muscleman63 (5 years ago)
pls84 Avatar

i woulda exploded everywhere

by pls84 (8 years ago)
devolver Avatar

Thanks. Lol, that's quite the name.

by devolver (8 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

Horny it looked as if he'd been carved out of mahogany.

by gappythree (8 years ago)
ronsimmonscomics Avatar

His name is Darrell Terrell. LOL no joke. I have 81 pics of him in my iPhone :-)

by ronsimmonscomics (8 years ago)