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Just hot

mayena Avatar

What is that music in the background, French Dubstep?.

by mayena (2 years ago)
gabrielsantos Avatar

What a beautiful man.

by gabrielsantos (2 years ago)
allanrobtmiller Avatar

this guy's really into himself & those dumbbells...but, it's that tongue of his @ around 3:23 that needs a good workout...with a big fat cock firmly placed in his macho-sized mouth!!!...

by allanrobtmiller (5 years ago)
albron Avatar

This guy is always very sexy... :-)

But I didn't know he was with a french girl ! :-) It's difficult not to listening to her, talking (with a south french accent) about Australia, Mexico, Magic Mike, and what's Ryan is doing... :-)

by albron (5 years ago)
empel Avatar

i think he shows on livejasmin now

by empel (5 years ago)
framer Avatar

i miss you Ryan...your body is so fucking hot. i want more of your masculine body and attitude.

by framer (5 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

Imagine having YOUR ribs cracked with HIS thighs when he has his FEET either side of his HEAD?????

by gappythree (5 years ago)
mayena Avatar

His youtube account was ryanhulksmith.

by mayena (5 years ago)
firbutte Avatar

mother-fucking thighs, man!

by firbutte (5 years ago)
bearlvr Avatar

Damn Ryan, you are one hot Mother Fuckin' Stud. Woof, Daddy.

by bearlvr (5 years ago)