Russian Model

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Fitness model show, I guess.

bbwannab Avatar

I'll have the big shirt ripping stud and the dark-haired hunk in the tank top please! :)

by bbwannab (5 years ago)
mayena Avatar

So is this the Russian version of Next Top Model?.

by mayena (5 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

I was in two minds whether to watch this or not. Then it got to 1:16 and the shirt ripper came along WOOF WOOF AND MORE WOOF. Other than that a mundane clip.

by gappythree (5 years ago)
tony35us Avatar

who is this big guy that rip his shirt?????

by tony35us (5 years ago)
musclemanmusic Avatar

The shirt-rip guy is HOT. What an attitude. Woof.

by musclemanmusic (5 years ago)