Aaron Austin Gets Worshipped

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  • nosnamreh

    1 Year ago

    Mr. Perfect!!! Nuf' said.

  • nipman250251

    3 years ago

    LOVE Aaron Austin!

  • PornoStuff1

    6 years ago

    Jeez, are you queens EVER happy...?
    (Referring to previous comments.)

  • muzzles

    10 years ago

    Just another pair of muscle queens really,and some camera man trying to be artsy fartsy. I remember the Lovin Spoonfulls song You and me and the Rain on the roof:)

  • musclequest

    10 years ago

    Aaron gets worshipped? Where? All he does is fuck some twink. Aaron's muscled physique NEVER gets worshipped. He doesn't even flex. WTF?


    7 months ago

    I agree. Needs some biceps and pec worship ffs!