Muscle God Brendan gets worshipped

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Watch as Giant Muscle God Brendan gets worshipped in this amazing first person perspective video. As the hotness progresses, (in the full version) watch Brendan get slowly and succelently sucked and serviced- as he makes his worshipper take down his huge, hard cock, nice and full before the cum flies all over! full video available for purchase on use discount MYMUSCLEVIDEO to save 25%!

donatto1 Avatar

Brendan, I want to choke on your cock before you fuck my man cunt. You are a stud!

by donatto1 (4 years ago)
musclehunks Avatar

Mmmm I wanna eat his cum! I'm so hungry!! <3

by musclehunks (5 years ago)
avadakedavra1 Avatar

Nice to see his acne is gone.....

by avadakedavra1 (6 years ago)
scoop58 Avatar

Like your look, Brendan, but could do without the "fucking bitch" language. Not a turn-on...

by scoop58 (6 years ago)
marine10 Avatar

Not really a Muscle Gd. Need a tan and better nutrition and cardio. No problem with the bit of hair.

by marine10 (6 years ago)
CandyKane1 Avatar

Ever wonder what it would be like to have sex with a retarded person?

by CandyKane1 (6 years ago)
MuscleYogi Avatar

Sexy body. You would be more attractive if you closed your mouth and opened your ass...

by MuscleYogi (6 years ago)
Matt2201 Avatar, no thanks.

by Matt2201 (6 years ago)
mmichal Avatar

another low-life spammer yawn

by mmichal (6 years ago)
punishmuscle Avatar

Muscle god? More like fat pig!

by punishmuscle (6 years ago)