Black Musclegod K-Swoe

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  • MatCZ

    2 years ago

    Muscle beast huge sexy monster! WOOF!!

  • german_admirer

    5 years ago

    wow... he is so huge and HOT!!!

  • dancer34

    7 years ago

    I agree with Lukastud, blacks have amazing builds. They run circles around other ethnic groups.

  • Lukastud

    9 years ago

    Blacks have best bodies, woof he can own me

  • lancelot19690

    9 years ago

    mmm exclent performance

  • 9 years ago

    this man has become one of my favorites, I mean really, look at those muscles!! That back is awesome.

  • gappythree

    9 years ago

    Thankyou devolver for this clip. Who cares about the sound when we can all make our own animal noises while viewing this fantastic physique. I notice K-S has changed his image the last few years and is definitely MORE Homo-rotic than he ever was and fucking hell who POURED him INTO those leather shorts or were they MOULDED round him??