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Markus Ruhl at a 1985 Contest. He sure has survived for many years in the BB game.

thehuuuge Avatar

That's not 1985... that's somewhere near 2005.

by thehuuuge (6 years ago)
nypup2train Avatar

Hey, guys, 'cmon. Markus may be massive here, sure. But even more amazing than his unprecedented 13-year-old musculature, is that sign on the stage advertising for some company's WEBSITE — several years before the world wide web was even invented! ;-)

by nypup2train (6 years ago)
Musclejacker Avatar

You mean this is footage of Markus when he was ***13***? I think I just fainted. Imagine the size of this kid at the age of...9!

by Musclejacker (6 years ago)
jbfisher Avatar

His birthdate is reported as 1972 in several sources which would make him the world's biggest 13 year old if the 1985 contest date is accurate.

by jbfisher (6 years ago)
Goliat Avatar

One of the all-time great gigantors!

by Goliat (6 years ago)