Con Demetriou Bathroom Posing

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Con Demetriou - Bathroom Posing

Why is there no Downloadable Link?

by (3 years ago)
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BullPumpr Avatar, let me get your back. Oh, a throat massage while I'm at it?

by BullPumpr (6 years ago)
mjolesko Avatar

There's no disconnect. Out of 59 favorites, only 42 people rated the vid. And of those 42 ratings, it can't be guaranteed they were all five star.

by mjolesko (6 years ago)
jbfisher Avatar

xychromo is right - the ratings don't make any sense. I gave Con 5 stars and it didn't register.

by jbfisher (6 years ago)
xychromo Avatar

Why the seeming disconnect between the star rating & number of times this clip has been favorited?

by xychromo (6 years ago)
moreno808 Avatar

What a stud! At 5m:30s you get a glimpse of his hairy balls.

by moreno808 (6 years ago)
pecsandbis Avatar

con is one HOT and SEXY man

by pecsandbis (6 years ago)